The safest, most sanitized & SPACIOUS health clubs in the Hudson Valley

Standing at 73,000 sq. ft. and 53,000 sq. ft. respectively, Gold's Gym Newburgh and Gold's Gym Middletown are not only spacious, they have implemented the highest safety standards and protocols for the protection of all members and staff alike.

What Makes Us SAFE:


Space: Given our large and spacious footprint, there is plenty of room and ease when it comes to social distancing.


High Tech Surface Sanitizer: Forming a germ & viral "kill shield" that lasts up to 21 days, an electrostatic sprayer (fogger) is regularly used to dispense My Shield Surface Disinfectant on ALL surfaces, weights, and equipment throughout the entire club during the overnight hours. Click here to view My Shield video.


Abundant Hand Sanitizing Stations: Multiple dispensers of hand sanitizer are provided throughout the entire club for all members and staff.


Disinfectant Spray Bottles: Easily accessible throughout the entire club, a spray bottle is now hung on, (or within an arm's reach of), every piece of fitness equipment, making it quick and easy to wipe down after use using a hand towel (required).


Cleaning Towels:  A MUST for wiping down equipment after use. A complimentary microfiber cleaning towel is given to all new members upon joining. It is not permissible to enter the club without a cleaning towel and you will be asked to show your towel at check-in. If forgotten, cleaning towels are available at reception for $1.


15-Minute Time Buffer Between Classes: The vast majority of group ex classes will follow a 45-minute format, enabling 15 minutes for participants to wipe down their equipment and clear the room prior to the next class.


Round-the-Clock Classes With Les Mills Virtual: In addition to our extensive number of live classes, Les Mills Virtual (including virtual TRIP) is now offered in both club locations. To accommodate varying schedules, classes of differing formats are available every hour of the day while the club is open. No sign-ups are necessary.


R3: Both locations now offer our new doctor approved 4-week health program to help lose unwanted weight, strengthen your immune system, and lead a healthy, more vibrant lifestyle for years to come. Learn more.


In-Home / On-Demand Workouts: Can't make it to the gym? With,all members can also exercise and receive fitness coaching at home using an abundance of "anywhere" workouts provided by Gold's Gym.

What Members are Saying